Why we need class approved pipes?

It is mandatory requirement to use IACS(International Association of Classification Societies) Class approved pipes and tubes while using it on board vessels under IACS Class surveyors. Different class rules are being applied, which ultimately contribute towards the quality assurance of vessels fabrication and repairs.

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Due to various reasons outlined below, the maritime industry require IACS (International Association of Classification Societies) class-approved materials :

Safety is the primary aim for requiring class approved pipes

Class approved materials ensure that the products used in the construction and repair of ships and offshore platforms meet required specific quality and safety standards. This is very crucial for the safety of vessels, its crew, passengers and the environment. It is less likely to fail or cause accidents if we use Materials that have undergone rigorous testing and approval processes.


Ships and offshore platforms operate in harsh and challenging environments, like exposure to salt water, extreme temperatures and heavy loads. Class approved materials are designed to withstand these conditions, reducing the risk of material failure and ensuring the reliability of the equipment and structure.

Regulatory Compliance

Many maritime regulations and international standards require the use of Class Approved pipes. Certain critical components of ships and offshore installations require class approved materials. Compliance with these regulations is essential to avoid not only legal issues and fines but also the potential grounding or detention of vessels.

Insurance and Liability

Insurance companies often require the use of class-approved materials to reduce the risk of accidents and losses. If a vessel or offshore structure is found to be using non-approved materials that contribute to an incident, it can result in significant liability issues.

Environmental Protection by class approved pipes

By the use of approved materials we can help prevent environmental disasters. Oil spills or chemical leaks etc are some of them. We can minimize the risk of environmental contamination in the event of an accident by testing and ensuring the quality of material.

Industry Standards

Not only IACS sets industry standards for maritime safety and performance, but also Class-approved materials have become part of these standards. It is ensuring consistency and uniformity in the materials used across the maritime industry.

Quality Assurance

Class-approved materials undergo rigorous testing and quality control procedures. It can help maintain high standards of quality and performance in the maritime sector. This, in turn, contributes to the overall reputation and reliability of the industry.

Ultimately, the use of class-approved materials is essential in the maritime industry. This is to ensure safety, reliability, regulatory compliance, and environmental protection. It helps not only to maintain the integrity of ships and offshore structures but also reducing the risk of accidents. We should never ignore the associated serious consequences as well.

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